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APRON Biotechnology, established in June 2020 is the first contract research organization, undertaking the mission of the organization in both preclinical and clinical trials in drug research in Turkey.

With our experienced team of having more than 16 years, we provide special services to you both clinical and preclinical (invitro and invivio) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Not only the planning, execution, monitoring, data analysis and reporting services of clinical trials with its senior team; we also have a well-equipped team to plan, conduct, monitor, data analysis and report preclinical studies.

APRON Perfectionism

Our Mission

APRON Biotechnology, performing research organizations to carry out the preclinical and clinical studies of GLP and GMP conditions for new drug candidates. It undertakes extensive work to bring together the infrastructure of the laboratory services and the services needed in this area in Turkey by creating an organization having mission to bring services for the discovery of new medicines together.

Our Vision

We organize training programs for both industry and researchers. We target increasing University-Industry partnerships to ensure the scope of pharmaceutical R&D activities. With the integration of the university researchers and working environment to pharmaceutical industry, we bring platforms together, which will contribute to the development of new patented product in Turkey. Thus, targeting to reduce dependence to abroad in drug R&D efforts. With efficient use of the budget allocated to preclinical and clinical work environment, this may diverted to Turkey's own research R&D activities. Hereby, our main goal is to undertake the organization of all preclinical and clinical studies of domestic national drug candidates.

The Best Team You Can Trust

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Our Values

We are working together

With the help of the management systems we have established, within the framework of national and international legal regulations; We bring together institutions and organizations that provide services in accordance with GLP, GMP and GCP standards required by the pharmaceutical industry.

We are constantly renewing ourselves

Based on national and international standards, we offer timely reliable service to our customers within the framework of legal legislation, with independent, impartial, well educated, professional and having technical competence, constantly self-renewing and improving staff.

We inform

We closely follow up-to-date developments regarding the subjects within the scope of the services, inform the relevant parties and constantly improve ourselves.

We produce

We contribute to the knowledge and technology production of our country thanks to University-Industry Cooperation projects in Pharmaceutical R&D and Product Studies.

We Solve Your Problems

In preclinical and clinical studies, we offer analytical approaches for the integration of stakeholders and achieving results.

We Work Continuously

We ensure the sustainability of all these factors.

We Achieve Our Goals

Based on the Total Quality philosophy, we bring the institutions and units to their goals in a team spirit.

Preclinical Drug Research

Design, monitoring and reporting of necessary preclinical studies related to drug efficacy

Design, monitoring and reporting of necessary preclinical studies related to drug safety

Organization, monitoring and reporting of in silico, in vitro and in vivo studies related to new drug candidates in laboratories that comply with GLP requirements

Design, monitoring and reporting of preclinical toxicological tests of drug/drug candidate under GLP conditions

Bringing together the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical/pharmaceutical companies through University-Industry cooperation projects, ensuring that the infrastructure facilities are brought together in accordance with GLP and GMP requirements

Clinical Competence

APRON Biotechnology can act as the legal representative within the European Union as specified in the EU directive 2001/20/EC.

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Mükerrem Betül Aycan, Prof. PhD.

Mükerrem Betül Aycan, Prof. PhD.

She holds a bachelor's degree from Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy.
TUBITAK:As a fellow of TUBITAK, she completed her thesis at Balearic Islands University in Mallorca, Spain. She completed the project.
Then she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Basel, Switzerland.
As the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Erciyes University, she was responsible for the education accreditation programs for 8 years.
She went to the USA for a joint project.
She started to work on natural products for the prevention and treatment of cancer at this university.She examined the effects of herbal medicines on neurodegenerative diseases and cancer in our country.
She has completed 9 TUBITAK projects, 45 Local Research Projects, over 55 publications and over 100 papers presented in some national and international meetings.
In 2015, she started an international congress series of"Natural Products in Cancer Prevention and Treatment".
Since then, she brings industry and academia together in this conference series twice a year.
In 2016, she served as the Manager of Erciyes University Pharmaceutical Application and Research Center, which is a research center accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10002:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, GLP, GMP, ISO 27001 and ISO 13485.
The Center is designed to carry out R&D studies and provide services for natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic and biotechnologically sourced food supplements, cosmetics, traditional herbal medicine products, medical devices, pesticides, veterinary drugs and human medicine R&D studies.
In addition, the Center provides an accredited analysis laboratory for pharmaceutical research and necessary preclinical tests and analyzes in pharmaceutical products.
Pharmaceuticals for therapeutic drug monitoring studies through bioanalytical analyzes, pharmacogenetic tests and toxicological analysis in biological and non-biological samples in clinical studies.Center has GLP certificate for application studies.
Professor Aycan is Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and has founded APRON Biotechnology, where she provides CRO services for Clinical Research.
She has more than 20 years of experience in proposal writing, pre-clinical and clinical research study design.

Eren Demirpolat, PhD.

Eren Demirpolat, PhD.

Dr. Demirpolat is a graduate of Erciyes University, Department of Pharmacy. He has experience as a faculty member and clinical research pharmacist. He held managerial positions as vice dean and vice director in drug research and practice within the faculty. He worked in nearly 100 bioequivalence clinical studies as a pharmacist and pharmacologist. He studied cancer molecular mechanisms, genetic variances and polymorphs, clinical trials. He can apply in vitro molecular techniques such as cell culture, western blot, pcr and elisa kits. He is the co-founder of APRON Biotechnology.

Özgür Soydan, PhD.

Özgür Soydan, PhD.

Dr. Soydan graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 1999. Between 2004-2021, he worked as a co-researcher at Erciyes University GCP Center. Afterwards, he assumed the role of Quality Assurance Manager. He participated in more than 100 bioequivalence studies and Phase 1 (first in human) studies. Between 2019-2021, he worked as a QA at the Erciyes University Pharmaceutical Research and Application Center.   Erciyes University Pharmaceutical Application and Research Center is accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10002:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, GLP, GMP, ISO 27001 and ISO 13485. He has worked as Assurance Manager. He has experience in preparing clinical study protocols, volunteer/patient informed consent forms and case report forms. He has experience in preparing the ethics committee and IRB application files. He is the co-founder of APRON Biotechnology. He is a PhD student in pharmacology.


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